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          13662296032 Ms. Hong
          1668 136 929
          111 918 5081
          ??????Shenzhen Forsmt Electronic Equipment CO.,LTD was founded in BaoAn District Shenzhen in February 1996. Designed manufactured and sold wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine and other supporting facilities. Our technology was advanced in China in the last ten years. Now, we have more than 150 employees, more than 50 skillful employees are bachelor degree or above, over 4000M2 factory area, all sorts of processing equipment surpass 60 sets, and have a strong ability in research and development and manufacture in electronics equipments. ......
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          Shenzhen Forsmt Electronic Equipment CO.,LTD Copyright ? 2005-2015
          Address:F2-F3 6 building A area Yingtian Xifa industrial zone Xi-Xiang Town Baoan District Shenzhen City Guangdong China?
          Tel:86-0755-29970383 29120520 Fax:86-0755-27926635
          24-hour hotline:13410790851 E-mail:forsmt@163.com QQ:1668136929 1119185081
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