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Live Trading Accounts

Each live account at Roger Templeton NY has its own personality and its own goal; each is suited to a different type of investor and each reveals a different window of opportunity to the currency world. From experienced traders to inexperienced, from small depositors to large, the list of live accounts we offer is a gateway to your financial aspirations.

Demo Trading Accounts

The best way for a forex newbie to enter the currency world is to start practicing on a forex demo account and at Roger Templeton NY we have more than just one demo account to offer. In fact, almost every live trading account we offer has a mirror reflection of a demo. So if you’re interested in developing your trading skills, choose from one of our demo account types and start trading.

PAMM / MAMM Accounts

The Roger Templeton NY MAM solution gives Money Managers the ability to efficiently manage their clients and their orders.
The friendly interface allows Money Managers to flexibly set their MAM preferences and execute their entire operation through one master account. Once an order is executed through the master account, it is allocated accordingly to each active sub-account.
Let our MAM solution take care of your allocation setup while you focus on your trading.



Our Partners

Our Partners